Halloween ~ A Ghostly Affair!

💀 Halloween 2020 💀

Ghosts, Ghouls or Dressed Up Fools? Halloween sees the conclusion to our October 1000 miles challenge at Lakeside.  

At dusk as the mist arose from the Lake, the sight of ghoulish figures sent chills through the air. Only the sweet treats could tempt the brave little souls to help complete the challenge.

🎃   🎃   🎃

Sadly we did not complete the 1000 miles challenge, but we enjoyed walking every step of the 620 collective miles. 

At The ME Project we understand that there are challenges in life that we don’t complete. Success does not always come from winning, but can be found when facing fears, and owning the challenge.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Strava challenge. 

And thanks to Helen who walks to raise funds for her chosen charity. Donate Here.

Happy Halloween Everyone!