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Intrusive Thoughts

Don’t be distraught if you have an intrusive thought   Intrusive thoughts are thoughts that can spontaneously occur and are beyond our control. They can strike at any time, especially when we least want them to. Typically they have negative content which creates very uncomfortable feelings such as high anxiety. They have been defined (on …

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managing Meltdowns!

Don’t let Meltdowns get you down! Asperger’s Syndrome is a high functioning form of Autism and more and more people are being diagnosed with this life long condition. There are many up and downsides to being neuro-divergent. For many autistic people, the downside includes having meltdowns.   A meltdown is completely beyond a persons control and happens because …

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Breathing Activities for all the family

Breathing Activities for the Whole family! Try some breathing activities to support children who are faced with big emotions. When they are stressed, it can be difficult for children to regulate themselves and return to a safe and grounded state of mind.  Sometimes talking or verbally expressing emotions can prove to be too overwhelming. The …

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Dying to be Thin.

Why are so many young people dying to be thin? Does Size matter? Being a young woman in todays society is very challenging. We have a lot of expectations placed on us from a young age. Mainstream Media often sets unrealistic and unachievable ideals in body weight and image and some people are affected by pressures …

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Yes you can!

Yes! you can do anything! What are positive affirmations? Are the words “I can’t do it!” often relayed in your household?  Although it is okay to not be able to do something……..It’s important to remember its not that you can’t do it, it’s that you can’t do it YET! So when you are approached by …

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