Yes you can!

Yes! you can do anything!

What are positive affirmations?

Are the words “I can’t do it!” often relayed in your household? 

Although it is okay to not be able to do something……..It’s important to remember its not that you can’t do it, it’s that you can’t do it YET!

So when you are approached by a frustrated 10 year old who cant figure out their maths homework, or an agitated 5 year old who cant finish the jigsaw; let them know that its okay to get frustrated but they can overcome the struggle.

Encouraging children to use positive affirmations allow them to create a sense of strength, optimism, and confidence.

Positive affirmations 1

What is a ‘Positive affirmation?’

Its sounds complicated but all it is a sentence with the intentions of reducing self- sabotage and negative thought processes. So, when you are feeling down, begin by repeating positive things about yourself and things you are grateful for.

By regularly repeating daily, it will help you to include positive changes in your life. Therefore, by encouraging your children to do this practice it will help them increase the moments of independence, optimism, and confidence.

How can you incorporate positive affirmations into day-to-day life?


Let you child choose a notebook they like and together decorate It with pictures, stickers and colours that inspire them or make them feel happy. Then encourage them as often as possible to write in the journal. Include things like, ‘what I enjoyed today’, ‘What is something I can learn from?’ or ‘I am feeling…’

Allowing expression of emotion to become a normal practice creates a great structure for the future when emotions are going to become more and more stressful.

Be an Example

In a morning when you are brushing your teeth together, in between brush strokes say something you are grateful for, or something positive about yourself. It could be ‘today is going to be a great day’ or ‘I am strong’. It may even help you get through a morning of home-schooling!

Use songs

If your child or teenager is too cool to shout at the top of their lungs that “they have a lot to be proud of” then use examples from songs they like, there are many positive words and affirmation used throughout song lyrics, such as “Happy” By Pharrell Williams. Highlight the positives in the songs.


Incorporate animals into the affirmations. Use statements like “I am as fierce as a lion”, or “I am as brave as a wolf”. Try and include your children’s favourite animals and encourage them to think of some too! Or you could include their favourite character!

“I always try to see the bright side like Joy from Inside Out” or “Everyday is an adventure like the ones Jake and Finn do in Adventure Time.” Including their hobbies and interests should hopefully make them more open to getting involved.

Below we have a poster, that you can print out, full of positive affirmations that you can have a go at saying daily or when appropriate. You could even get creative with your children and make a mood board full to the brim with things that make you smile!

Log onto the computer and print images from google, whether its photos of cute animals or favourite food items. Print them out and stick them on and write positive words about each other around the images. Then one day when your children are not feeling as confident as they would like, use the mood board to encourage a change in negative thoughts!

Remember all emotions are valid but using positive affirmations can encourage us to seek the rainbow that comes after the storm!

If you, or someone you know could use some support with their mental health and wellbeing. Don’t forget to contact us at The ME Project to book a free consultation with one of the team.

To read more about the power of positive affirmations and the science behind it, visit this useful article online by Positive Psychology!