#Mileintheirshoes – World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Awareness Day – 10 October 2020 – #mileintheirshoes

As part of the MEN Project we visited Rother Valley (Rotherham) on the 10th Oct and West Park (Long Eaton) on the 11th for the #mileintheirshoes mental health walks.

We organised the walks to get live opinions on Men’s mental health.

The day was spent walking & talking with families about how Men are coping when they open up and share their emotions.

In the current climate Men are finding it easier to open up possibly because the spotlight is on mental health across all media.

In contrast, when Men do open up the response can have a negative effect. Phrases such as:

Man up

Get over it

Everyone feels that way

Grow some

What have you got to be sad about?

There’s always someone worse off than you

Why are you always so depressive?

Chill out

You can find a guide to good responses here

During their walks we asked participants to spend time listening to our podcast, recorded by our friends at Accelerate Coaching

Listen To The Podcast Here

We had a great weekend and spoke with so many people. Some great stories were shared and we will take this experience into our future work.