Month: September 2020

Back to school

Back to School…..Easy for some!

When going to School is your worst nightmare For some young people school is a place of stress, worry and anxiety. Also for parents the daily struggle to reduce these fears can be exhausting! Children can start to display symptoms of school phobia quite early, and if left without support, this can severely reduce a …

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back to school

Walking a Mile for MEN on World Suicide Awareness Day

Raising Awareness Through Walking & Talking​ Previous Next   Thursday the 10th September marked World Suicide Awareness Day, so Anna chose this significant date to host a new Mental Health Mile circuit in Doncaster.  Starting at Doncaster Squash Club on Bennetthorpe, a new mile walk around the Town Fields has been added to the events calendar. …

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Imprisoned by fear?

Imprisoned by Fear Agoraphobia is extremely complex, it isn’t just a fear of going outside. Generally, a person may feel imprisoned by fear, the world outside may become challenging. Agoraphobia is a mental health condition where people avoid situations that may cause them to panic or feel trapped. This can include situations where a person …

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Mental Health Mile

Smoke Bombs and the new staff pics

Smoke Bombs ready! So the ME Project team decided to put Theresa, our favourite photographer to the test to create some interesting images with the use of smoke bombs? We headed down to some private land (with permission!)  for an unusual Sunday morning shoot hoping to create something like this… Could we do it? Safety First! …

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