getting Art Therapy Ready!

Art Therapy
~Coming Nov 2020~

We are so excited to introduce Nickie J to our Cura-Care and ME Project team!

Nickie is a Trainee Art Therapist and is opening up her diary in November to offer appointments to children and young people.

Nickie sums up what Art Therapy is:

”Art Therapy is a type of talking therapy that uses art materials as it’s primary form of expression and communication.
It is not a diagnostic tool but can help people to address and work through some emotional issues and distressing and confusing times in their lives”

So armed with Buttons, Bows, Paints and Pom-poms, Nickie aims to support people to manage their emotional wellbeing alongside our other  mental health services.

If you would like to refer someone, or yourself, to our Art Therapy service please contact us to book a free consultation with Nickie

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