Smoke Bombs and the new staff pics

Smoke Bomb PicSmoke Bombs ready!


So the ME Project team decided to put Theresa, our favourite photographer to the test to create some interesting images with the use of smoke bombs?

We headed down to some private land (with permission!)  for an unusual Sunday morning shoot hoping to create something like this…

Could we do it?

Safety First!

Mental Health Smoke Bomb

Before we could let loose, Kay J provided us with some essential tips for pulling the smoke bomb rings to set them off safely, and how to dispose of the hot chamber once the smoke has finished.

New Bodies Gym in Wheatley were kind enough to let us use their land, we didn;t want to burn it down!

Smoke Bomb KaySmoking or Choking? 

So we established 3 key things as our shoot progressed:

  1. The wind wasn’t our friend
  2. We are not models and never will be
  3. Smoke in your eyes and mouth is horrendous!

Smoke Bomb Mark

Because she is so professional and skilled, we had faith in Theresa who guided us perfectly throughout.  Theresa knows how to bring out the best in her subjects and we later found out that Lee captured the whole thing on Video – watch it here!

Mental health Colour Pic
Paige Ebbs Mental Health

Colour Fun

So to finish off the shoot we played around with some colour packets. Neon powder really is good for the soul!

At the end of the morning we had laughed and cried (smoke in our eyes!) and had a great team bonding experience. 

Hollie our new volunteer had been thrown in at the deep end with us and had the opportunity to get to know our quirks and personalities, Welcome to the team Hollie.

But the question is….did we manage to get any good images from this morning’s event?

See for yourself…..