Yes you can!

Yes! you can do anything! What are positive affirmations? Are the words “I can’t do it!” often relayed in your household?  Although it is okay to not be able to do something……..It’s important to remember its not that you can’t do it, it’s that you can’t do it YET! So when you are approached by …

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Imprisoned by fear?

Imprisoned by Fear Agoraphobia is extremely complex, it isn’t just a fear of going outside. Generally, a person may feel imprisoned by fear, the world outside may become challenging. Agoraphobia is a mental health condition where people avoid situations that may cause them to panic or feel trapped. This can include situations where a person …

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Mental Health Mile

Smoke Bombs and the new staff pics

Smoke Bombs ready! So the ME Project team decided to put Theresa, our favourite photographer to the test to create some interesting images with the use of smoke bombs? We headed down to some private land (with permission!)  for an unusual Sunday morning shoot hoping to create something like this… Could we do it? Safety First! …

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Smoke Bombs Paige

Making Self Harm less harmful

Self harm as a coping strategy? Why do young people self harm?  This is such a complex question, and there are many possible reasons. So often, the best way to understand why someone is using self harm as a coping strategy is to explore the causes of distress. Often people harm themselves as a way …

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