The Mental health Mile is back!!

Early in 2020, Anna Roberts took a leap of faith and organised the first Mental Health Mile walk at The Barnby Dun and Kirk Sandall Sports Association (BDKS) ground.

Anna, with support from the Jets running group, aimed to get Doncaster’s residents up and moving whilst raising awareness of physical and emotional wellbeing.

Taking place on the first Monday of each month, a moderate circular mile walk which crosses the Glass Park which is a beautiful hidden gem in Kirk Sandall. The first 2 walks took place in February and March,  which were great fun and attracted lots of interest. Unfortunately due to restrictions in March 2020 the 3rd event had to be postponed. But now it’s back!

“Doncaster moving For  Mental Health”

August saw a new round of walkers, runners and dogs joining in the evening fun. The ME Project team and Cura-Care staff went along to offer cupcakes and congratulations to those completing the walk. 

It was a lovely event, lots of laughter. Anna gave encouraging words to those who took part. The ME Project team were excited to be back in the community sharing words and smiles with people and chatting about our mental health services. These conversations were well received by all after a period of isolation. 

Raise awareness of the importance of looking after your physical & mental health.

Come along & join in