Mental Health Support improved by Charity Partnership

A Flexible Support Service needed?

Unfortunately for some Sufferers of Mental Health, the existing support services appear limited.

Currently a “ONE-SIZE FITS ALL” approach is inadequate, outdated and underfunded.

We as humans are so unique in personality, that Mental Health support needs to be tailored to be effective and efficient.

Partnerships, collaborations and Networking are key to keep Mental Health and Wellbeing manageable.

The ME Project and the 3 Little Birds Charity proposal, offers a flexible Mental Health Support service for the majority of people affected by Mental Health and related conditions.

Due to recent events (March 2020) and following a distressing telephone conversation, it became apparent that the Mental Health crisis had reached an alarming level.

3 little birds’ Commitment to you

Supporting people affected by Mental Health, Anxiety and Obesity 3 Little Birds Charity offers a Holistic approach. Our partnership shows that we value their commitment and focus towards your well-being. 3 Little Birds works closely with other organisations and key professionals in the field of mental health.

Their service is flexible and includes:

  • Outdoor activities
  • Counselling
  • Engagement in local community services
  • Support to attend appointments / events
  • Nutrition & health support
  • 1:1 mentoring
  • Video / Telephone support
  • Access to specialist services

We are excited about this Partnership and the benefits for so many people in the community.

We have lots of forthcoming events and campaigns, so keep watching this space for updates and notifications!

Coming Soon: THE MEN PROJECT!! (Men,Emotions,Talking, Therapy)

For more information about 3 Little Birds or to support by donating or volunteering. check out their website and Facebook page in the links below.

Please feel free to contact the ME Project with any questions via Social media or email!

Visit 3 Little Birds Website for more information 

Registered Charity in England & Wales No.118925