Doncaster Children’s university – a Great partnership

Cura-Care and The ME Project love to get involved in our local community through working with charity partners.  One of which is Doncaster Children’s University.  

You can see the Doncaster Children’s University Facebook page by clicking the link below, you will find other interesting articles and suggested activities for children. 

Donna Woodthorpe is the key team member in Doncaster and she has presented some amazing videos teaching British Sign Language. 

For the Summer Holidays, The ME Project Lead, Paige, agreed to create 6 videos for Donna to share with their young people and provide some mental health tips and advice. Assisted by Polly and Paul, the sock puppets, they helped to raise awareness on the University’s social media pages, covering topics such as peer pressure, self care and friendships.

“It’s oK to be different”

One of the key messages throughout Paige and Kay’s campaign is that being different is OK. Young people are often placed under great stress to conform in school, at home and in the community, and it really is OK if they don’t always fit what is expected of them.  Sadly, in many young people this can cause emotional distress and longer term problems if not supported correctly.

If you are worried about a child, or feel that their emotional well-being is at risk, please get in touch with us at The ME Project.

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Check out the Children’s University page here