The Me Project

WHAT is The ME Project?

The ME Project is an informative talking project for young people who are experiencing mental health issues. The Project is centred around Managing Emotions for under 19 year olds.

The programme is split into 10 sessions, each being 2 hours long. 

In groups of no more than 8 young people, we discuss issues such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Self-Harm
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • And much more
The ME Project is part of Cura-Care Yorkshire Ltd. A provider of social care for children and adults within the  Doncaster area.

WHO is it aimed at?

The Project offers support to young people under the age of 19, and who are experiencing mental health issues. Additionally, The ME Project offers support for parents/carers, schools and professionals.

Young people – Each individual is assessed and matched to a group according to their needs. Typically the young person will be aware of their declining mental health and is struggling to cope.

Parents / Carers – Often it is hard to know where to go, what to say and how to really help young people who have these worries.

Schools – Adolescence is an emotionally fraught time, attendance and focus at school are easily impacted. We can offer support in schools.

Professionals – The ME Project is managed and delivered by skilled and qualified staff. As a provider we ensure that the service we deliver is high quality and consistently improving.

WHY do we need it?

Mental health issues have never been more prevalent in young people than they are today, and everyone faces challenges in their life which will affect their mental health.

The project exists to provide recognition and acknowledgement of the increase in mental health concerns in young people. 

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services receive hundreds of referrals each month. Their resources are limited and we aim to work alongside our local CAMHS service to enhance what they do.

The project aims to provide particpants with a toolkit of coping strategies and a support network that will help them manage their emotions.

The ME Project makes it safe for young people to share their concerns in an honest and non-judgemental setting.

"70% of young people who experience mental health problems are not receiving appropriate interventions at a sufficiently early age" - (Children's Society, 2008)

Why choose this project over other local services?

One of the key distinctions of The ME Project is that this is not a statutory health or local authority service. This means that the project attendance won’t show on your child’s GP record. Some parents consider this a huge advantage as, in later years, your child won’t have to disclose their mental health issue to prospective employers if their medical records are checked.

The ME Project staff are skilled and experienced, we match your child into a group suited to their needs so that your child benefits from the experience as a whole peer experience not just a mental health programme.

Our service is flexible. We have 3 tiers/levels which means your child can attend a programme which is best tailored to their needs.

The ME Project is held in an unmarked and inconspicuous office location. 

Some of the ME Project staff are open and willing to talk honestly about their own mental health experiences. Their support is driven by passion and understanding, not simply text book learning. This means some staff are able to offer more insightful support and guidance.

"20% of adolescents may experience a mental health problem in any given year" - (W.H.O, 2003)

WHERE is the project being delivered?

Room 7, Stonecross House, Kirk Sandall, Doncaster

Room 7 is self-contained, confidential and safe, with a drinks/snacks area and toilet facilities. The office block is also disabled-friendly. The project, however, can be delivered elsewhere if required as we can easily relocate and organise an off-site programme.

HOW do I organise a place?

You can refer a young person to The ME Project by calling Cura-Care offices on 01302 887222 or by e-mail at

All applicants are assessed during an initial free consultation so that we can ensure we can meet your needs. All cost information is provided during consultation.


How much does it cost?

Full breakdown of cost and any options for funded places will be discussed at the free consultation appointment.

General attendance costs £18 per hour, which is paid in full for the 10 x 2hr sessions before course start date.

A free consultation is provided so that we can ensure the ME Project is right for the young person. We do not accept people onto the project unless we feel it is the right course for the young person. If we feel the Project is not the most beneficial programme for a young person we will advise parents/carers of their other options and alternatives.

A free after-care appointment is offered to assess future support options and ensure the young person & parent/carer can feedback about their experience.



"50% of mental health problems are established by age 14 and 75% by age 24" - (Kessler RC et al, 2005)

What Drives Us

The ME Project Team are driven through both professional and personal experiences of mental health. We have encountered many situations where people have had very limited access to a good range of services – we want to change this, and provide a highly valued service to young people and their families who are struggling.

"10% of children and young people (aged 5-16 years) have a clinically diagnosable mental problem" - (Green H et al, 2005)

Meet The Team

The ME Project team are passionate about improving the lives of young people through access to varied and good quality support.

All team members have either personal or professional experience with mental health conditions, and are focused on working together to change people’s lives, since they know the impact that poor mental health can have on daily life.

The ME Project Team are qualified and skilled in a variety of subjects such as Psychology, Social Work, Management, First Aid, CBT, Health & Social Care, Training Delivery etc. 

All team members are DBS checked as routine. As are any volunteers, Admin staff and other key staff.

The safety of our clients is of our utmost importance, so we can assure all parents and professionals that our insurances, health and safety systems and other regulatory procedures are followed and valued by all staff to ensure good safety standards. Please ask for more information.

Kathryn  – Director

With a background in Children’s social work, schools, and Children’s Homes, Kathryn gives all she can to the ME Project because of her passion for improving young people’s access to good mental health services. Her experiences have provided her with key skills and a solid understanding of the damaging impact of poor mental health in individual young people when left unsupported. Her personal experiences with anxiety have given her a first hand look into  the challenges faced in our culture and society around issues of poor mental health.

“It’s exciting to be part of such an inspiring and innovative project, I can only hope that the people we meet reap all the rewards of our hard work.”

Jackie – Director

Jackie’s experiences within social care, with people experiencing a range of emotional issues, enables her a deep insight into the challenges and difficulties that families can face at times of significant stress. Jackie shares the same passion as the Project Team for improving services and ensuring that young people can access good support with trained and qualified professionals. Jackie has a solid and grounded awareness of how poor mental health can impact not only the individual, but the family as well.

“It has taken us a year to get here, I am so proud to be a part of the project which will support young people in times of difficulty.”


Paige – The ME Project Lead

Paige’s extensive understanding of psychology and mental health provides her with enormous insight and passion for this project. Paige has a range of amazing qualifications and applies her knowledge into everything she does to get the best outcomes. Paige is able to relate to young people in a way which makes the support process feel safe, easy and empowering. Paige has astute awareness of how young people who are experiencing difficulties can display their emotions in so many ways, some of which can be destructive and damaging. Paige wants to enable all young people who are struggling to have a voice, to be heard and to develop resilience and plenty of coping strategies.

“I feel so proud to be working alongside some amazing people as part of the project. I am excited to see our combined passion, efforts and hard work make the positive impact that is so desperately needed in young people’s mental health”


Kay – Project Keyworker

Kay has worked with children and young people for many years and has over & again supported young people for whom services are limited. So Kay is passionate about the Project and wants all young people to have the chance to share in the experience to enable them to feel less isolated and alone.  

“I am extremely proud to be involved in the ME project helping young people to understand some of their emotions and mental health issues.”


Kirsten – Project Keyworker

Kirsten has a very observant and calm approach to providing support around mental health issues with people. Kirsten has worked alongside others with significant mental health issues for a number of years now and is bringing all her experience to this project. Kirsten wants people to feel that they can talk freely and openly without fear of judgement.

“I am passionate about mental health in young people, and being part of the ME project has given me a chance to make a difference.”


Mark – Project Keyworker

Mark has supported people with mental health challenges for a number of years, both personally and professionally. Mark’s approach is consistent and he engages young people in a way which encourages them to build self care skills and take some control over their own circumstances.

“Glad to be involved and hoping to share knowledge from my personal experiences with mental health.”


How much does it cost for the 10 sessions?

A free consultation is offered to all applicants to ensure that it is the right course for the child or young person. All costs then are provided if we decide to go ahead with a place on the Project.

If my child misses a session can they re-attend on another date?

All young people attending the project are matched in groups to make sure that they are with a group that is beneficial to their participation. So if sessions are missed they are not rescheduled.

How often are sessions?

The project offers 3 different levels of engagement, this determines either weekly, twice weekly or daily attendance. We will assess each child to determine which is right for them during the free consultation.

Do you offer aftercare?

We can provide additional one-to-one support with staff upon request to ensure some ongoing support at the end of the project course. Ask us for more information about this.

How do I book a place?

You can refer a young person to The ME Project by calling Cura-Care offices on 01302 887222 or by e-mail at